Gadi Levy & Orna Triguboff practising Tai Chi

Dr. Orna Triguboff

Gad Levy

Kabbalah Tai Chi DVD

Kabbalah Tai Chi Psalms Qi Gong

Kabalistic meditation in motion and biblical mantras to awaken you spiritually, heal physically and strengthen your mind and soul.

Sacred practices never seen before that will purify your Qi and cleanse your neshama (soul) by expressing gratitude, love and praise.

Elevate your spirit with Qi Gong energy and connect to your sacred dimensions...

2 DVD Set Featuring:

Over 120 minutes of practice in 6 workouts

Main workout consisting of over 20 exercises of Kabbalah Tai Chi (72 minutes)

Plus five additional psalms to Qi Gong workouts

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Created by:

Kabbalah PhD Dr. Orna Triguboff & Qi Master Gad Levy

How to order:

Please visit Gad Levy's Life in Motion website to purchase online.

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