Kabbalah Tour of Israel

Land and Spirit

Neshama Life, Emanuel Synagogue and associates are proud to offer this Kabbalah Tour of Israel.  Over 10 days, we will visit spiritual and holy sites including the desert landscape in the south, historical Jerusalem, the Galilee and Tsfat in the north, Tel Aviv in the west. 

On our first day, we will experience an authentic Festival of Sukkot, in Jerusalem and continue from there. Australian Kabbalah teacher, Rabbi Dr. Orna Triguboff and a local Israeli tour guide will lead the tour. At each destination, you will have the opportunity to learn with renowned inspirational teachers who specialize in Kabbalah, meditation, art, tai chi, and Jewish spiritual music. The tour will include:

  • Kabbalah study

  • Meditation and Tai Chi

  • Sacred Music and chanting

  • Nature walks to breathtaking canyons, forests and sacred springs

  • Visiting ancient places of prayer

    People from all backgrounds, and with all levels of knowledge are welcome to join this tour. It’s suitable for those who have travelled to Israel before as well as first-time visitors. 

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