Israel Land and Spirit

Jerusalem Old City, Israel

Jerusalem Old City, Israel

Jerusalem Tower of David, Israel

Nava Tehila Musicians

Tsfat Safed Abuhav Synagogue, Israel

Kabbalah Tour of Israel


Land and Spirit: 4-15 January 2015

A first for Neshama Life in association with the Jewish National Fund, this 12 day tour will include traveling to spiritual, holy sites around Israel. From the desert landscape in the south, to historical Jerusalem and its surrounds, to the Galillee and Tsfat in the north. The tour will be led by Australian Rabbi and kabbalist Orna Triguboff, accompanied by a local Israeli educational tour guide. At each destination participants will learn with different renowned teachers, specialising in Kabbalah, meditation, art, yoga, tai chi and Jewish spiritual music.

The trip is open to people from all backgrounds and all levels of knowledge. It is suitable for those who have never traveled to Israel before and also for those who have been there many times. 

Poster Kabbalah Tour of Israel


Bookings & Information

Cost includes shared accommodation, meals, tours and travel

Early bird: $3,250 USD by 1 September 2014

Full price: $3,680 USD by 23 October 2014

For private room add $570 USD.

Contact us to express your interest, places are limited.

Contact (remove XX) info XX @neshamalife XX .org


  • Jerusalem – the holy city
  • Tsfat – city of the mystics
  • Ein Gedi – natural oasis
  • Mount Masada – archeological site
  • Dead Sea - healing waters
  • Kineret - Sea of Galilee
  • Mount Meron – sacred forest of sages
  • Ramon Crater – desert expanse
  • Arugot Wadi-Gorge – desert waterfalls
  • Hula Valley - bird sanctuary
  • Banyas - water spring
  • Tsipori - Ancient synagouge



Joining us on the journey will be these special guests…

Michael Kagan
Jewish meditation and self-development teacher
Author of Holistic Hagadah and member of Nava Tehila Community

Avraham Leader
Kabbalah teacher
Editor of an edition of Sefer Yetsira (Book of Formation)

Dr. Melila Hellner-Eshed
Kabbalah teacher
Hartman Institute, Jerusalem
Author of A River Issues from Eden

David Friedman
Kabbalah artist and meditation teacher 

Netanel Goldberg
Spiritual musician

Gad Levy
Kabbalah tai chi teacher

Dianne Bloomfield
Torah yoga teacher

Nava Tehilla Ensemble
Kabbalah band and chant leaders 

Rabbi Ruth Kagan
Jewish Renewal rabbi and spiritual teacher

Rabbi James Moshe Maisels
Jewish mindfulness meditation teacher
Or Halev and Pardes Institute, Jerusalem

Rav Yitzhak Even Shays
Teacher of Jewish mysticism
Rav Kook Institute, Jerusalem

Gabriel Meyer Halevy
Musician and chant leader


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4-15 January 2015


Bookings & Information
(remove XX) info XX @neshamalife XX .org

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