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From 2012 to 2014 internationally renowned educator and writer David Solomon is a scholar-in-residence for Neshama Life.

Mr Solomon has undertaken to complete the first ever English translation of the influential kabbalistic text Tiqunei HaZohar.

Tiqunei HaZohar, a key component of the broader canvas of Zoharic literature, is regarded as an extremely important and influential text withing the wave of mystical literature that emerged in Spain about 700 years ago, but which claims to be much older. While the main body of the Zohar has been translated several times into English, its companion, the Tiqueni HaZohar, has not.

David is predominantly known as a dynamic and inspiring educator (in particular, his lecture, 'The Whole of Jewish History in One Hour') and he comes to this project with a significant background in kabbalistic scholarship.

The Tiqunei HaZohar translation project has already elicited enthusiastic support from leading scholars around the world. As Neshama Life's scholar in residence, David Solomon will be based in Sydney for the next 2 years, but will be in constant consultation with numerous scholars internationally.

"Working on a text of this importance is a rare and exciting privilege," said  Mr Solomon, "and Sydney is not the first place one thinks of for a project of this nature. But it is a tremendous opportunity to consolidate Australia's growing prominence on the Jewish world's intellectual map."

"It is amazing that a text as enormously influential as Tiqunei HaZohar has not yet been translated into English," said Mr Solomon. "Its impact on kabbalistic thought has been huge, and its translation will bring into reach a range of powerful ideas to audiences who have not been able to access the Aramaic in which it is written," he said.

While Mr Solomon's focus for the coming two years will be on the translation of Tiqunei HaZohar, he will continue his teaching and will offering a range of classes in Australia and overseas.

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