Kabbalah chanting at the beach

The Kabbalah of Angels

Limmud Oz Weekend: 26-28 Nov, Central Coast


As part of the Limmud Oz weekend, Dr. Orna Triguboff will be giving mystical teachings about angels on Saturday evening.

Set in the beautiful surrounds of the NSW Central Coast, tens of presenters will teach a great range of spiritual, educational and creative sessions, outdoor activities, live music, a unique Shabbat experience, and a vibrant festival atmosphere.


Date: 26-28 November

Event: Limmud Oz Weekend

Location: Central Coast, NSW

Bookings & Information:
Email (remove XX) info XX @neshamalife XX .org or visit the Limmud Oz Website


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26-28 November

Limmud Oz Weekend

Central Coast, NSW

Bookings & Information
(remove XX) info XX @neshamalife XX .org

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