Kabbalah Dreaming Album Cover

Sephirot of the body

Orna Triguboff

Avishai Barnatan

Kabbalah Dreaming CD

Guided Relaxation & Meditations

Kabbalah Dreaming CD contains a series of guided relaxation and meditations based on kabbalistic teachings, the latest scientific findings on relaxation, and yoga nidra.
Each track is a relaxation of its own, designed to rejuvenate you and facilitate a feeling of well-being.

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Track 1 – Angels
This practice is based on an ancient teaching about the 4 angels: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. Traditionally, Michael is connected to the quality of loving kindness; Gabriel to strength and discernment; Uriel to light and Raphael to healing. (16:14 minutes)

Track 2 – Garden of Eden
This is a meditation that guides you into the light of your heart and the refreshing elements of nature. The practice is based on kabbalistic teachings about the Garden of Eden.
(13:48 minutes)

Track 3 – Divine Breath
When you become aware of your breath in this relaxation practice, you connect with deep levels of your soul. It refreshes you. The different parts of the breath cycle are connected to the ancient symbolism of the letters.
(9:20 minutes)

Track 4 – Kabbalah Dreaming
This practice is all about awareness of your body and qualities such as wisdom and understanding. It is based on the system of Sefirot-energy centres taught by the Kabbalah.
(21:24 minutes)

Total run time: 1 hour

Take care: This disc is designed to be listened to in relaxing environments. It is not recommended for use at work or whilst driving.

Voice & Script: Dr. Orna Triguboff

Music & Production: Avishai Barnatan
A spirited musician, producer and soundtherapist.

Script Co-writer: Dr. Miles Krassen
A respected Kabbalah scholar and professor. Co-writer of tracks 3 & 4.

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